May 21 2005

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May 21st, 2005 (May 21 2005)DeathHoward Morris, American comic actor and director (born in 1919)
May 21st, 1985 (May 21 1985)BirthAndrew Miller, Major League Baseball player
May 21st, 1985 (May 21 1985)BirthKano, British rapper
May 21st, 1985 (May 21 1985)BirthMutya Buena, English singer (ex-Sugababes)
May 21st, 1985 (May 21 1985)BirthMarco Carta, Italian singer
May 21st, 1985 (May 21 1985)DeathJulie Vega, Philippine Actress (born in 1968)
May 21st, 1975 (May 21 1975)BirthLee Gaze, Welsh guitarist
May 21st, 1965 (May 21 1965)DeathGeoffrey de Havilland, British aircraft designer (born in 1882)
May 21st, 1955 (May 21 1955)BirthPaul Barber, British field hockey player
May 21st, 1955 (May 21 1955)BirthStan Lynch, American drummer
May 21st, 1945 (May 21 1945)EventScreen legend Humphrey Bogart marries actress Lauren Bacall.
May 21st, 1945 (May 21 1945)BirthErnst Messerschmid, German astronaut
May 21st, 1935 (May 21 1935)DeathJane Addams, American social worker, Nobel laureate (born in 1860)Jane Addams Quotes
May 21st, 1915 (May 21 1915)DeathLeonid Gobyato, Russian general (born in 1875)
May 21st, 1895 (May 21 1895)DeathFranz von Suppe, Austrian composer (born in 1819)
May 21st, 1885 (May 21 1885)BirthSophie of Schonburg-Waldenburg, wife of Prince William of Wied (d.1936)
May 21st, 1835 (May 21 1835)BirthFrantisek Chvostek, Moravian physician (died in 1884)
May 21st, 1775 (May 21 1775)BirthLucien Bonaparte, French politician, soldier and academic (died in 1840)
May 21st, 1755 (May 21 1755)BirthAlfred Moore, American judge (died in 1810)
May 21st, 1725 (May 21 1725)EventThe Order of St. Alexander Nevsky is instituted in Russia by the empress Catherine I. It would later be discontinued and then reinstated by the Soviet government in 1942 as the Order of Alexander Nevsky.Alexander Men Quotes

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